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Waterloo Be Loudspeaker Special Edition

Waterloo Be Loudspeaker Special Edition

The Waterloo Be SE is the culmination of 20 years of research and development in audio technology and is offered exclusively to you here for custom order. 


Building upon the breakthrough technology of the original Waterloo, the Waterloo Be 21 adds unprecedented upper and lower details with an all new Berrylium tweeter, and new 10" bass driver. 


  • Diffraction optimized, precision machined, layered hardwood cabinet with no equal panel shapes or sizes, and advanced constrained layer dampening system greatly reduces internal standing and reflected waves for exceptional clarity.
  • Proprietary rear wave absorption and distortion-eliminating technology remove unwanted resonances. 
  • Five-time folded transmission line architecture extends 65" with extensive baffling to eliminate mid and high-frequency reflections. 
  • Full frequency response in a single cabinet, or separates, produce the lowest bass, and highest highs extending beyond the upper and lower limits of human hearing. 
  • 21" separate bass units increase placement flexibility, bass balance, and peak-volume output. 
  • Standard  87db 6 Ohm or High Effeciency 98db 
  •  1000 watts/ch of built in Ncore amplification optional
  • 1" Be Tweeter, 8" Ceramic Midwoofer, 21" subwoofer
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware
  • Isolation stands included, grill covers are available upon request.   
  • Designed and hand built in Austin TX, from natural materials 


Pricing is per 3-way speaker


Dimensions (9" single cabinet):  11"x16"36"  (16"x19"x36' with isolation stands)

Weight: 89lbs


All units are made to order, with local pickup or delivery/installation (100 miles from the city center of Austin, TX) included. 


We will coordinate with you to arrange shipping options outside of our standard delivery zone.  


Current lead times are 10 weeks or sooner. 




    Passive speaker products are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years commencing the date of delivery. 

    Amplifiers are warrantied for 1 year from delivery. 

    Custom order products are not eligible for refund after acceptance. 




    Local shipping delivery and installation included, Shipping options will be provided with confirmation of delivery address. 

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