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waterloo signature speakers

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The Waterloo Signature 

32-layer diffraction and distortion-optimized cabinet handmade from 100% hardwood and aluminum

65" five times folded transmission line extends the bass response while removing midrange distortion

No equal cabinet panel shapes or sizes eliminate standing waves and competing resonances

Complete frequency response, 3-way architecture, 

9" subwoofer, 9" mid-woofer, and 1" tweeter 


1000 Watt, Tri-amplified, N-Core amplification

Designed and built in Austin, TX from natural and  organic materials


At JPORTER STUDIOS we specialize in designing and building unique loudspeakers and complete audio systems to bring your live sound, studio, and home audio events to the cutting edge of technology and craftsmenship

our design ethos focuses on the following:

Diffraction optimization

Distortion elimination

Complete frequency response

High resolution 

Energy efficiency


natural, organic, and local materials

Enjoy a custom audio experiences for yourself

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